Roadside Snacks


Chicken and Chips

As we travelled around rural Malawi whether by local bus or car I became quite addicted to roadside snacks. Whilst there were some marvellous restaurants in big cities like Lilongwe or Blantyre I liked to chat with the roadside vendors and enjoy the food they produced. Here chicken and chips is on the menu and it tasted delicious.

Fried Bananas

Down by the side of Lake Malawi at Nkhata Bay I thought I would find fish and chips but instead there was fried bananas and chips. Chips seemed to go with everything. Is that perhaps the Scottish influence left by David Livingstone and all the Scottish missionaries.

Pork and Chips

At a rural bus station I was chatting to the guys cooking the food for the passengers. They were incredibly friendly and as we talked about their businesses they offered me samples of their food. Some were selling chicken, some offered deep fried goat offal and some did pork. Only when the bus driver sounded the horn and the other passengers scrambled to get back on the bus did I realise had hadn’t paid for the food I’d eaten. These guys were trying to make a living so I hurriedly tried to give them some cash. But to a man they all refused and waved smiling as my old battered bus drove back on to the road.

Bird Snack Man

Small birds roasted over a fire and presented on sticks. The seller said he had caught the birds using a net. They tasted a bit like pigeon, which is perhaps not surprising.


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