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Lepoard Hunt Pictures

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Pictures taken at Pom Pom in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.

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margaret-and-vasco-looking  leopard-paw-print

Margaret and Vasco surveying the Bush. Vasco said he would fire a warning shot over any animal that charged us. He would only shoot to kill if the animal continued to approach and came within 6m. Paw print of a leopard on an elephant track through the Bush.

margaret-and-vasco-standing  vasco-and-allan

Studying the signs and tracks. Vasco explains Bushcraft and the habits of the Okavango wildlife including the leopard we were stalking.

margaret-and-vasco  pom-pom-leopard-stalking

The leopard is close but moving east, probably stalking antelope.


Margaret in the truck fording a stream on the way to pick up the trail of the leopard

pom-pom-red-lechwe  pom-pom-leopard-stands

Leopard uses a large termite mound to watch a herd of Red Lechwe grazing nearby. Lechwe are large antelopes adapted to living in swamp areas. Their large powerful haunches allows them to jump long distances and spring between patches of dry pasture in flooded areas.


The leopard notices the truck and we keep quiet and still.


The stalking leopard moves toward the Lechwe. Chattering monkeys and startled birds alert the Lechwe which sense the prowling leopard and move away.


Lucky Zebra with a scar left by an attacking lion. The lion probably dug her claws into the haunches but was kicked off by the powerful back legs of the Zebra. This is the sort of damage the leopard would have inflicted on the Lechwe.

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Okavango Delta Pictures

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Pictures taken in the Okavango Delta, Southern Botswana

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Margaret supervising the unloading of our rucksacks from a light plane at the Maun Airport in Botswana.


One of the many light aircraft we flew in to reach the different places we went to in Botswana. Allan usually sat with the pilot and sometimes there was another passenger. Our rucksacks were in the bin between the wheels


Hippos are incredibly aggresive. This one was grazing with a small herd on the banks of the Chobe River. When it saw us approaching in a small boat it immediately roared and charged into the river toward us. We beat a hasty retreat.

storks-nest  pipi-in-boat

Pipi took us through narrow reed channels to see nesting birds around a shallow lake. Here are stork chicks.


Large aggresive hippo thrashing it’s head in the water to give an impressive warning display. We didn’t move away because the propellor was clogged with water weeds.

hippo-charge  hipp-full-frontal

I would have liked clearer pictures of the hippo attack but it was hard to keep my hands steady as he approached at full speed.


Once clear of the hippo we could enjoy the tranquil sunset over the lake and the reeds.

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