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Delhi Roundup Pictures

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Pictures of Delhi, India

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We loved to visit Humayun’s Tomb and spend a day strolling in the gardens.

humayuns-tomb-side-elevation  humayuns-tomb-upper-level

Humayun’s Tomb, built by his widow, is a beautiful well proportioned and well maintained building set in park land with other interesting tombs.


Although getting far fewer visitors than the other Delhi monuments we always liked being at Safjardung’s Tomb to enjoy the peace and quiet,

safarjangs-tomb  safarjangs-pigeons1

Although Safjardung’s Tomb has similar proportions to the Taj Mahal without being clad in white marble the building is less impressive.


Lodi Gardens is a large peaceful park right in the centre of Delhi. In spring it is a riot of colour, the flower beds setting off the tombs of the Lodi Kings which are dotted around the park.

habitat-centre  purana-quila-gate

The New and Old. The Habitat Centre on the left is a new complex housing restaurants, theatres, art galleries and office. It is the focus of many arts and culture events in New Delhi. By contrast Purana Quila is one of the oldest forts in Delhi and thought to be one of the sites of the earliest Delhi settlements. Today its ramparts are the setting for traditional Indian dance performances and other cultural events.


Chandni Chowk is in the heart of Old Delhi. The narrow lanes and tightly packed markets are full of thousands of busy bustling shoppers at festival times.

chandri-chowk-street  chandri-chowk

The colour and excitement of the Chandni Chowk alleyways were infectious. We visited this area often to shop and just to mingle.


No visit to Chandni Chowk was complete without a cup of hot sweet chai. The best Chai Wallahs added a pinch of spices from their trouser pockets.


Chandni Chowk swarms around the sides of the huge Jama Masjid, the biggest and most important Mosque in Delhi, From the minarets the view of Old Delhi is spectacular.


Across a busy road from the Jama Masjid sits the impossing mass of the Red Fort, an icon of Old Delhi.

red-fort-interior   red-fort-cafe

The Red Fort contains many interesting historical buildings dating back to the Mogul Emperors. Some have been converted into pleasant cafes where visitors can relax during their visit to the complex.


New Delhi is dominated by stately Secretariat Buildings and the Presidential Palace at the upper end of Raj Path. The Raj Path ceremonial boulevard links India Gate.


India Gate, the memorial to Indian war dead

karol-bagh-temple-entrance   karol-bagh-temple

Towering over the commuters and metro lines the huge Karol Bagh temple is the focus of many Hindu festivals.


Surrounded by lovely gardens full of picknicing Indians Qutb Minar soars to comemorate ancient battles to establish the dominance of Delhi

qutb-minar   qutb-minar-iron-pillar

In the grounds of the Qtub Minar complex is an ancient iron pillar which has not rusted over the hundreds of years it has stood there.


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Farewell to India Pictures

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Delhi India

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poonam-natarajam-and-allan-rickmann   allan-rickmann-and-atul-prasad

Allan really enjoyed working closely with Mrs Poonam Natarajam, Chairperson and Mr Atul Prasad CEO and Joint Secretary of the National Trust for the welfare of persons with cerebral palsy, autism, mental retardation and multiple disabilities.

allan-rickmann-and-rajnesh   allan-and-team

Allan with the some of the wonderful National Trust staff.


Ruby presents Allan with a cake on his birthday in the National Trust office. All of the staff gathered in the board room for an impromptu Birthday Party.


Musical party at Chitra’s house in Delhi. The south Indian music was lovely, far surpassing the musical contributions of the other guests.



Poonam, her sister Preeti and Margaret relaxing in our house in Lajpat Nagar, South Delhi.


Margaret enjoying a chat with Poonam at our farewell lunch at the National Trust offices in Delhi. The staff were all present to wish us well for the future.

allan-rickmann-and-atul-prasad-shake   allan-presentation

Farewell greetings and presentations

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Farewell to India

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Our time in India has been a whirlwind of sights, sounds, smells, colours, experiences, smiling faces and warm embraces. From the lovely beaches of Trivandrum in Kerala to views of the snowy Himalayas from Shimla we have felt welcomed, valued and cherished.

Now it is time to say farewell to our many friends in the National Trust and in the many wonderful charities we have worked with across India. Goodbye also to Margaret’s colleagues in the Deafway Foundation.  Over the past several months we have made many new friends, mostly Indian of course but also British, Irish, Philippinos, Canadian and American. We fondly remember the parties and meals in the homes of our Indian friends, listening to South Indian songs and music. 

We are really grateful to all the friendly advice, guidance and assistance we have been given by the hundreds of children’s charities managers we have met. Some of the work we have done has already been published by the Indian Government as handbooks on managing voluntary organisations and running seminars and conferences. In these we have acknowledged by name every one of our Indian friends and colleagues from the public, private and civil society sectors who contributed so freely.

So we leave India with much work yet to be done and places we would love to visit in the future. We are heading for new challenges, adventures and we’re sure new friends in Malaysia. 

Farewell Pictures

Delhi Roundup

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