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Victoria Falls Pictures

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Pictures of Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe

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victoria-falls  victoria-falls-spray-main-falls

Mighty Zambezi River thundering over the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

hippo-protects-calf  hippo-displays1

Hippos roaring and displaying to protect the young in the Zambezi River.


Large crocodile on the banks of the Zambezi River

hotel-baboons  hotel-baboon-man

Victoria Falls Hotel Baboon Control Ranger. His job was to keep the maurading baboons out of the hotel and the gardens to protect guests.


A family of warthogs lived in the grounds of the Victoria Falls Hotel, much to the delight of the guests.


Spectacular bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia spanning the Victoria Falls gorge. A popular spot for bungee jumping.


Margaret delighted to be riding on an African Elephant.

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Victoria Falls

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Even before we reached the edge we sensed the continuous powerful rumble reverberating through the ground. Clouds of mist rose high into the air and descended to drench the surrounding lush foliage, a perpetual rain forest. Our first sight of Victoria Falls made a lasting impression. Millions of tons of white frothing foaming water tumbled roaring down into the deep dark gorge. The mighty Zambezi river dropped hundreds of feet into a deep enclosing gorge and the impact of the fall threw millions of droplets back up into the air. It was incredibly impressive.

We were standing in awe of this wonderful sight with rainbows dancing in the rising spray when a friendly local commented nonchalantly, “You’re lucky to see this in the dry season!” Looking at him incredulously, we said, “What do you mean.” Relaxing with a broad smile he answered, “You can actually see the water going over edge. In the rainy season the roar of the falls can be heard twenty kilometres away and the spray drenches the town.”       

The town was the small settlement of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, about 5km from the falls. The tourists visiting the falls had maintained a steady stream of income that sustained the local people and buffered them from the economic cataclysm that had engulfed their country.

It was a lovely area. During the day warthogs and baboons drifted through the town, including the grounds of our hotel. On the Zambezi River hippos roared and displayed, crocodiles dozed on the edges and antelope flitted by.  We were warned not to walk through the town at night. Not because of the risk of crime but because elephants and hippos passed through to reach grazing and the occasional leopard passed that way. It was wonderful.

We were told that African elephants could not be trained. But when Margaret heard that you could ride an African elephant into the bush she jumped at the chance.  Walking in front of her was an alert ranger with a loaded rifle, behind was another elephant and a man with a first aid kit. We didn’t have this kind of support when we did whole day elephant treks in Cambodia. Was it all necessary or just a bit of showmanship? Don’t know, but the ride was certainly fun. 

We were in Africa to visit Margaret’s Uncle and help him celebrate his 90th Birthday in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. On the way we planned to visit Botswana and encounter more of these animals. 


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